Cain and Abel – The Offerings

Cain and Abel #4

In this part we discuss Cain 鈥檚 and Abel鈥檚 offerings, as described in Gen 4 verses 3 and the first half of verse 4.  You may ask what gives me the right to arbitrarily split the text as I wish. This is a good question. But as the division of the text into verses is not part of the original Bible, but was added much later, I feel that other than the verses should be taken as bookmarks rather than hints to understanding the text. We should not be constrained by them.

This part of the story is written in a straightforward, non-ambiguous, fashion. It leaves little to questioning. That is, nearly all of it.

聽聽讜址讬职讛执讬, 诪执拽值旨抓 讬指诪执讬诐; 讜址讬指旨讘值讗 拽址讬执谉 诪执驻职旨专执讬 讛指讗植讚指诪指讛, 诪执谞职讞指讛–诇址讬讛讜指讛.
聽聽讜职讛侄讘侄诇 讛值讘执讬讗 讙址诐-讛讜旨讗 诪执讘职旨讻止专讜止转 爪止讗谞讜止, 讜旨诪值讞侄诇职讘值讛侄谉;
And it came to pass讜址讬职讛执讬
At the end of days 鈥 in the Bible days can refer to unspecific period, and not necessarily 12 or 24 hours.诪执拽值旨抓 讬指诪执讬诐
And Cain brought from the fruit of the land讜址讬指旨讘值讗 拽址讬执谉 诪执驻职旨专执讬 讛指讗植讚指诪指讛
Offering to God诪执谞职讞指讛诇址讬讛讜指讛
And Abel he also brought讜职讛侄讘侄诇 讛值讘执讬讗 讙址诐讛讜旨讗
From first born of his herd and their milk诪执讘职旨讻止专讜止转 爪止讗谞讜止, 讜旨诪值讞侄诇职讘值讛侄谉
3 And it came to pass at the end of days, and Cain brought from the fruit of the land offering to God, 4 and Abel, too, brought from the first born of his herd and their milk
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