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The power of the Hebrew Bible is its ambiguous language. It encourages YOU to put yourself in the interpretation. The more you read the more you get new insights. Naturally, this is lost in translation. This deliberate ambiguity ensures the Bible remains relevant to anyone, anywhere, any time. It’s as fresh today as it was 3000 years ago.

In our posts we will focus on the language, without referring to any particular religion. After all, a religion is already an interpretation. We will choose different passages or stories, explore different ways of looking at words, structure, and story, and hopefully find new interpretations, which may be less common but still consistent with the text.

Gideon the Judge: Words of Heresy

Today we continue with the story of Gideon in Judges 6:13 . In verse 12 we saw that Gideon met an Angel of God, who greeted him “God is with you, brave man of valour” Gideon’s reply, full of skepticism – nearly heresy – is as relevant to our lives today as it was at…

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Judge Gideon: the Vav that Inverts Time

Judges 6:11 is straight forward verse. So after the translation. instead of focusing on the content, I focused on a common Biblical Hebrew grammar point that many students find confusing – Tense Inversion.

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Gideon the Judge: Facing God’s Angel

In the Bible, Judges 6:11 is the introduction to the story of Gideon, who meets God’s angel for the first time, before he is sent to his mission to free the people of Israel from the Midianites

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