In addition to the regular blog postings, I also give online lessons. This is a video example of such a lesson in which I discuss the Story of Joseph.

During this lesson we will discover a new Joseph.

Starvation in the land of Israel drives his brothers to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph immediately recognises them. Yet they do not recognise him. All of a sudden he is flooded by his past, his suffering, his memories.

But he is no more the same arrogant young man of his youth.

Joseph has changed from an arrogant teenager to a wise, humble man

He now recognises that all comes from God. Despite his memories of his brothers’ betrayal and of his suffering during his years in the Egyptian jail, he gives his brothers a second chance.

In this part of the video lesson we will be discussing Genesis 42:17-38.

We also invite you to discover the other topics in our blog.

If you prefer you can watch the video on Youtube directly.
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Joseph – A Mighty Man Haunted by His Past

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