We are excited to announce the Opening of our Hebrew Bible Academy in March 2022

Did you ever want to discover the difference between the original language of the Old Testament and the translations?

We are happy to announce the Opening of our Academy in March 2022: www.academy.hebrew-bible.net

What benefits will you get from our Hebrew Bible Academy?

In our lessons, supported by written material, we’ll focus on the language, without referring to any conventional religion. After all, a religion is already an interpretation. In each lesson we’ll choose a passage, delve into ways of looking at words, structure, and story so that YOU can seek your truth.

In our Hebrew Bible Academy lessons you will get to know the original Hebrew text so that you can seek YOUR truth, completely unrelated to any religion.
Course overview The Hebrew Bible Academy: The original Hebrew Story of Cain and Abel 1 - 4, starting on 17 March 2022

Join our interactive lessons and find out what was lost in translation. Don’t miss the time-limited Opening Discount of 20 % and enrol until 31 March 2022.

Our courses are limited to 12 participants to keep the lessons interactive.

Upcoming events: Interactive Live Online Lessons of The Story of Cain and Abel 1 - 4, from 17 March 2022 - 7 April 2022
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